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Bobbi Rise


Bobbi Rise is a gentle and highly professional practitioner who uses an amazing tapestry of skills and talents earned from over a lifetime of continuous, accumulative training. She is especially qualified in helping you get to the source of your issues and then resolve them in a peaceful manner. She will help you find those feelings of happiness, balance, and connection with your True Self that you crave in your life. 
She has her Master of Science Degree as a school counselor with substance awareness training, a national certification as a Life Purpose Life Coach, a state-licensed certification as a Clinical (Transpersonal and Interpersonal) Hypnotherapist, is a Reiki Master, and is the published author of Behind the Counselor’s Door: Solutions to the Most Common Problems of Middle Schoolers. She has recorded a meditation CD to help people find their peaceful power through their inner Authentic selves. As a Hypnotherapist, she offers the full, extensive array of modalities with a special talent in helping you learn more about yourself This means she can help you with your life-limiting negative emotions and beliefs, as well as unwanted habits and behaviors. 
As a spiritual life coach, and with a background of counseling, she is able to help you work towards Life Mastery through mutually designed life, work, and spiritual goals. Bobbi connects with her clients through a highly positive, warm, and comfortable energy. Her voice is extremely soothing as she supports your efforts to relax into a light hypnotic state. Bobbi genuinely desires to help every single client to find their joy, peace and comfort.
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