Drawing by Intuition 2 Hour Hands-On Workshop

With Artist and Intuitive Coach, Jeneva Augello

Saturday, February 16th • 1:00pm – 3:00pm

For 2 hours just relax and enjoy drawing using your senses …
we will use music, food and fun…
All ages welcome!

**No experience required…

Quantum Intercept

with Tina Tricoche

Sunday, February 17th • 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Cost: $40.00

We are going to work on quantum healing of the crown, third eye and throat energy centers, clearing out remnants of former beliefs, experiences and frequencies that are no longer serving you and making way for expansion of the new consciousness. And then we are going to practice communicating through the quantum voice.

**Arrive 15 minutes early .

Call to reserve your seat or Book on-line

Phone: 727.798.3964

An Evening of Education and Discussion


Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 • 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $35

Attendees will learn about:

• “The Crystal Mind”, Mine your mind Into Brilliance. Mine and Treasure Your Mind with VOYAGER, the “Crystal Deck,” with three powerful techniques for managing and potentiating your natural brilliance!
• Play the “Master Game,” an everyday habit of staying mindful along with some basic CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) that keeps you healthy of mind and that taps your natural creative brilliance.
• Engage your inner priest or priestess with “active imagination” for lifelong wisdom and as your voice of personal authenticity.
• Learn the Fortune Formula – the “Magician’s Manifestation Meditation.” Dr. James Wanless, has practiced and taught mindfulness meditation since 1977. He is an expert in cognitive behavior mental health practices for turning setback into success, and negativit into positivity. Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/KristinGeeslinMS

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for a Voyager CONSULTATION

with the Creator of Voyager Tarot, Dr. James Wanless

Creator of Voyager Tarot and the Revolutionary Voyager Way of “Fortune Creation!”

Wednesday, February 20th • 1:00pm – 8:00pm
Cost: 30 minutes only $75
          60 minutes only $135

Get Your 2019 Empress Year off to an abundant, loving start! Join me for a special treat as we consult the Voyager together for how to picture, think, feel and act to make 2019 full of Love, Compassion, Growth, Success, and Creation.

The Voyager Way
Experience the revolutionary and evolved Voyager Way of CONSULTING the Cards. Meet me, Captain Voyager, and the “reading” style I have created over 33 years of Voyager life. Having originated, practiced and taught this unique and contemporary way of consulting the Cards in the Voyager Way, you will enjoy this insightful, inspiring, and proactive style.

The Voyager “Way of Wholeness,” like the Cards themselves, have transformed the ancient oracular tarot into a modern-day strategic intuition tool for living the whole life of being happy, healthy, holy and wealthy for a sustainable, long life.

THE MAP… Learn the Voyager Way of Mapping Your Life because a Reading is a “MAP” – a “Manifestation Action Plan” that activates you to proactively create the future of your choice.

THE PREVIEW… As we preview your challenges, you are prepared for preventing and pre-empting potential obstacles and for potentiating possibilities into opportunities and realities.

THE QUESTION…Together, in my “Question and Answer” Voyager Way, we follow the Voyager mantra of “Explore, Discover, Become.”

THE KEY WORDS… We come up with motivating and memorable key words for the coming year that describe the essence of your Consultation.

THE WHOLE PERSON PROFILE… At the conclusion of the Consultation, we place together all Cards you have chosen to comprise and integrate your “youniverse” consciousness with your mental, emotional, physical qualities, and with your feminine and masculine attributes.

BONUS!…. Voyager Consultations include a Card about what “Mother Nature Wants to Tell You” from my green wisdom “Sustain Yourself Cards” Deck.

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/KristinGeeslinMS

Vibration Medicine & Creative Visualization

with Ariel Campos

Friday, February 22nd • 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Cost: $20.00

Join the talented Ariel Campos
for an amazing hour of meditation and beautiful music!

This will be a guided mediation with intention towards planting a transformative seed into the sub consciousness. Uno will be playing Native American flute and crystal bowls and many other indigenous instruments to create the sacred journey of going within.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Meditation

With Kim Kennelly M.Ed; Sound Therapist

Saturday, February 23rd • 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Cost: $40.00

Soothe, calm and restore balance to your
emotional, mental, physical body, as well as
chakras (energy centers) with the healing
sounds of the crystal singing bowls.