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With Jim Red Sky

Saturday, September 7, 2019 • 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Cost: $20

**LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE—Booking on-line does not guarantee your seat.
Phone: 727.798.3964

With the help of sound, reaching a calmed meditative state is so easy it’s almost automatic even for those who have never meditated before. Our minds, bodies & spirits respond favorably to natural vibrational rhythms & clear tones. With the sounds of hand drum, gongs, rattles & singing crystal bowls, a calm, relaxed state of mind can be achieved, helping to release stress, thereby being conducive to achieving greater states of inner balance, healing, & well-being.

THE RELAXED STATE is continually & increasingly being credited for contributing to our wellness. Meditation has in the past few decades taken a rightful place alongside eating well, exercise & remaining mentally active as a major contributor to our wellness.

THE SINGING CRYSTAL BOWLS I use are precisely tuned to resonate with our 8 major energy centers (chakras). Using a process known as “sympathetic resonance” we can correct the vibrational effect our everyday lives have on us, while these tones simply relax us & help bring us to the still space in our consciousness that’s so conducive to continued wellbeing & self-healing. The gongs & chimes are perfect compliments to the singing crystal bowls with their own delicate nuances & tonal qualities.

THE DRUM can be (when used correctly in measured tempos & repeating patterns) instrumental in creating an atmosphere where a meditative state is easily reached. As with the constant soft waves washing onto the shore & then off or a steady drip of raindrops from a porch roof, rhythm can return our psyche to the most peaceful experiences in our memories both conscious & subconscious.

COME ON OUT and join long time Shaman, Reiki master/teacher and Sound therapist Jim Red Sky as we journey to a heightened state of wellbeing through sound at The Zen Zone Experience.

Intuition Class Series

With Lisa Beaumont

Wednesday’s Beginning 9/11/19
Wednesday 9/18/19
Wednesday 9/25/19
6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Cost: $20

Call (727) 798-3964 or Stop in and PREPAY to GUARANTEE YOUR SEAT TODAY!!
**LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE—Booking on-line does not guarantee your seat.

**** These classes are taught by Lisa Beaumont, a practicing psychic-medium, with practical experience publicly for over 12 years. Lisa offers real-life, personal modeling that covers a broad-spectrum range of intuitive ability, value and practical application.

This is an interactive class that will help participants to understand the nature of intuition. It will also give express direction as to how to access and utilize specific intuitive gifts. Students will be given everything necessary to begin engaging and developing intuition for specific guidance for themselves and others.

An interactive class that explores how our intuition communicates and expresses itself through us. Participants will understand symbology, as well as how to interpret urges and promptings. This class is designed to give students greater confidence in their intuitive ability. It will also provide solid guidance on how to accurately interpret inner hearing.

ARE YOU A PSYCHIC OR A MEDIUM ? * Wednesday 9/25
This is an interactive class that offers a fundamental understanding of variation and practical differences between psychics and mediums. It is designed to help students further identify their own spiritual gifts. We will build on a basic understanding of these gifts through team-oriented practice sessions.

Psychic Fair & Aura Readings

Featuring 9 Talented Readers

Saturday, September14th • 10am – 5pm
20 min only $30
30 min only $40
60 min only $75


Call 727.798.3964 to book your FAVORITE Reader TODAY!!
Book on-line at www.ZenZoneExperience.com

Shelley Percy—Angel Card Reader & Healing Hearts & Souls
Shelley is an intuitive Reader & Mediumship, Channeling, Past Lives & Energy Healing. Powerful Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance & Clairsentinence. She has a deep connection to spirit& Archangels and loved ones from the other side, who come with messages. Shelley uses a variety of tools to interpret those messages such as the oracle & Angel Cards, as well as tuning into past lives & using the pendulum to get answers to your questions or clarity for your situation. Shelley loves to read photographs…the eyes are the window to your soul.

Rev. Tina —– Automatic Writing & Quantum Healing w/Intuitive Message
Tina is an author & writer who has the gift of claircognizance, clairsentience & clairempathy. She serves as a Channel for higher consciousness & is gifted in the management of angels. She offers classes in the expansion of Manifestation abilities, Quantum Intercept & intuitive development through Automatic Writing.

MaryLou -Psychic, Medium & Healer (Founder & Director of New Beginning Oneness Center)
Marylou is gifted with psychic abilities & a sensitivity to energy since childhood. This gift enables her to tap into her client’s energy field to bring them answers & clarity about challenges & questions they may be experiencing. Often, she connects with family member & friends who have passed over & desire to bring messages to their loved ones. Profound healing can be experienced during a reading as her clients understand the “whys” of their experiences. She interprets dreams & symbolic messages her clients may be experiencing.

Kathy —Akashic Record Consultant
Kathy is an Akashic Records Consultant & Reik.i Master. She was born with gifts including accessing Akashic Records, divine guidance, seeing spirit guides & healing hands. Her life purpose is to be of service & helping others awaken their divine essence. Unfamiliar with the Akashic Records? Every souls journey is recorded in them. Consider them the great computer/library in the sky. She would be happy to open yours to answer questions for you.

Dawna – Psychic Tarot & Tea Leaves Reader
Since Dawna was a little girl, she felt connected & intuitive. When she was 13, she brought my first deck of Tarot cards & knew exactly what to do with them! She worked professionally at a famous psychic Tea Room in Quincy, MA in the late 80’s for over twenty years. Her intuitive readings can be very descriptive & span over time from one day, to weeks, to months or years. She enjoys reading tea leaves & is a certified Usui & Kundalini Reiki, Level II.

Calesha — Intuitive Psychic & Empath
Calesha is a born intuitive & has the gifts of mediumship & Empath. She uses gifts of psychic visions & receiving & delivering divine messages from above & from the other side. She offers psychic readings, & spiritual healing utilizing multiple tools including cards; natural crystals; stones; herbs; resins & more. Whether you are wanting a card reading our need to hear from a loved one lost she is happy to be your guide. Her life’s purpose is healing all & helping all.

Sharon—Intuitive Reader & Emotional Healing Practitioner
Sharon is an intuitive reader & emotional healing practitioner. She has been doing readings for over 30 years & is a 2nd generation psychic. She has had her abilities since childhood…her unique give of clairsentience, having the ability to sense energy fields & emotional states of others, past, present & future, seeing symbols, channeling messages from your angels, guides, & loved ones! She also uses crystals, cards & sound to connect to your spiritual path. Her sincere heart leaves clients with uplifted & empowered focus.

Jackie—Tarot & Oracle Card Reader
Over the years Jackie learned that many of us who are broken somehow have a heighten intuitive awareness. She believes it’s a coping mechanism; a way that God keeps us safe. As a result, her intuition is always one step ahead and the spiritual world leads her. As a young adult, she didn’t want to hear or see. It wasn’t until she stopped ignoring it that her life changed. As her spiritual life deepened, she decided she would start reading Tarot and Oracle cards to help others. For Jackie Tarot is a tool to assist with ones spiritual path and to gain an understanding of the difference between the ego and the spirit. It’s so much easier to navigate the egocentric world when you have a balance spiritual life.

Lisa— Psychic, Medium and Life Coach
Lisa is an ordained minister with a long history of speaking, teaching and mentoring. She offers her spiritual gifts to the world as a psychic/medium and a lifecoach. She is the author of three books, Finding Your Focus, Making Your Dream Come True, Discovering the Treasure Within and Beyond Fear, a Witness to the Power Happiness. Lisa believes that knowledge and understanding are the doorway to healing. She acknowledges A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery as the founda-
tion for healing and teaching she facilitates whether written or spoken.


With MaryLou Houllis

Saturday September 21, 2019 • 1:00p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Call (727) 798-3964 or Stop in and PREPAY to GUARANTEE YOUR SEAT TODAY!!
**LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE—Booking on-line does not guarantee your seat.

Are you curious about your Past-Lives?

This workshop will teach the amazing benefits of hypnosis and enable you to experience personally a Past Life Regression. Past-life regression is a fascinating experience that always surprises people and is never what people expect. It can be very insightful, healing and eye opening experience.

Past life regression reveals that we all carry attitudes, relationship dynamics, emotional and physical evidence of past lives in to our present life. When we bring these memories in to conscious awareness through hypnosis we are able to release and diffuse the energy and emotional blocks which have kept us stuck.

Past life regression is a fascinating spiritual experience which can be different for each person! **Bring a Pillow and blanket!

MaryLou is a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). She specializes in Past-Life & Between Life regression. She offers private and group session and is available for Past-Life Regression, workshops & speaking to groups about Past-Lives & Near-Death Experiences.

Hypnosis allows people to very quickly access their higher self or “the sub-conscious.” The Sub- Consciousness is our link to Source, the Akashic records, and all of the information encoded within our soul. When it is brought forward, there is no question it can’t answer. Hypnosis also allows people to discover and deal with the causes of fears, addictions, phobias, patterns in relationships, blocks and much, much more.

In The Practice of Automatic Writing

With Rev. Tina Tricoche

Sunday September 22, 2019 • 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Cost: $25

Call (727) 798-3964 or stop in and
**Booking on-line will not guarantee your seat in this class.

An Intuitive Development through the Writing Arts This is an intuitive driven meeting. Everyone will be given opportunity to practice the art of automatic writing for themselves and to give a message to others. This class is for individuals who would like to work on intuitive development.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Guided Meditation

With Kim Kennelly M.Ed; Sound Therapist

Saturday September 28, 2019 • 1:00 – 2:00pm
Cost: $15

**LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE—Booking on-line does not guarantee your seat.

Soothe, calm and restore balance to your emotional, mental, physical body, as well as chakras (energy centers) with the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls.


Facilitator Tina Tricoche

Wednesday, Sept 18th • 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $25

Manifestation Circle: Wealth and Intent


Wednesday, October 2nd • 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $25

Manifestation Circle: Opening and Expanding the Channel