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Sound Bath Meditation (CANCELLED – will be back on July 6th)

With Jim Red Sky

Saturday June 1, 2019 • 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Cost: $20.00

With the help of sound, reaching a calmed meditative state is so easy it’s almost automatic even for those who have never meditated before. Our minds, bodies and spirits respond favorably to natural vibrational rhythms and clear tones. With the sounds of hand drum, gongs, rattles & singing crystal bowls, a calm, relaxed state of mind can be achieved, helping to release stress, thereby being
conducive to achieving greater states of inner balance, healing, and well-being.

THE RELAXED STATE is continually and increasingly being credited for contributing to our wellness. Meditation has in the past few decades taken a rightful place alongside eating well, exercise and remaining mentally active as a major contributor to our wellness.

THE SINGING CRYSTAL BOWLS I use are precisely tuned to resonate with our 8 major energy centers (chakras). Using a process known as “sympathetic resonance” we can correct the vibrational effect our everyday lives have on us, while these tones simply relax us and help bring us to the still space in our consciousness that’s so conducive to continued wellbeing and self-healing. The gongs and chimes are perfect compliments to the singing crystal bowls with their own delicate nuances and tonal qualities.

THE DRUM can be (when used correctly in measured tempos and repeating patterns) instrumental in creating an atmosphere where a meditative state is easily reached. As with the constant soft waves washing onto the shore and then off or a steady drip of raindrops from a porch roof, rhythm can return our psyche to the most peaceful experiences in our memories both conscious and subconscious.

Psychic Fair

With Shelley Percy, Kristin Geeslin, Rev. Tina Tricoche, Hellade Gasparetti, Kathy Craig, Dawna Estabrooks and Calesha Simpson

Saturday, June 8th • 12pm – 5pm
Cost: 20 min only $30
          30 min only $40

Shelley Percy—Angel Card Reader & Medium
Shelley is a medium and psychic who has a gift to tune into people to help with guidance from above. She channels angels, guides, as well as loved ones from the other side, who come with messages. Shelley uses a variety of tools to interpret those messages such as the tarot and angel cards, as well as tuning into past lives and doing pendulum work to get answers to your questions or clarity for your current situations.

Kristin Geeslin—Voyager Tarot Card Reader & Theta Healer
Voyager Tarot presented a path to opening my psychic gifts. I bring these gifts to you in the form of organized practical guidance with compassion and understanding, intentionally cultivated as a practitione of meditation and mindfulness. I receive messages in many forms to answer your questions or question answers! Sometimes past loved ones or spirit guides will visit!

Rev. Tina Tricoche—– Automatic Writing & Quantum Healing w/Intuitive Message
Tina is an author and writer who has the gift of claircognizance, clairsentience and clairempathy. She serves as a Channel for higher consciousness and is gifted in the management of angels. She offers classes in the expansion of Manifestation abilities, Quantum Intercept & intuitive development through Automatic Writing.

Hellade Gasparetti—Gypsy Tarot Card Reader
Hellade is a Holistic Practitioner bringing over 25 years of private practice, treating individuals physically, emotionally and spiritually for healthy living. My experience covers a wide range of holistic areas specializing in Gypsy Tarot reading, Chromotherapy utilizing crystals as a healing process, balance Chakras, aura energy, Chinese Feng Shui, and education for cleaning and healing Herbs.

Kathy Craig—Akashic Record Consultant
Kathy is an Akashic Records Consultant and Reik.i Master. She was born with gifts including accessing Akashic Records, divine guidance, seeing spirit guides and healing hands. Her life purpose is to be of service and helping others awaken their divine essence. Unfamiliar with the Akashic Records? Every souls journey is recorded in them. Consider them the great computer/library in the sky. She would be happy to open yours to answer questions for you.

Dawna Estabrooks – Psychic Tarot & Tea Leaves Reader
Since Dawna was a little girl, she felt connected and intuitive. When she was 13, she brought my first deck of Tarot cards and knew exactly what to do with them! She worked professionally at a famous psychic Tea Room in Quincy, MA in the late 80’s for over twenty years. Her intuitive readings can be very descriptive and span over time from one day, to weeks, to months or years. She enjoys reading tea leaves and is a certified Usui and Kundalini Reiki, Level II.’

Calesha Simpson— Intuitive Psychic & Empath
Calesha is a born intuitive and has the gifts of mediumship & Empath. She uses gifts of psychic visions & receiving & delivering divine messages from above and from the other side. She offers psychic readings as well as spiritual healing utilizing multiple tools including cards; natural crystals; stones; herbs; resins & more. Whether you are wanting a card reading our need to hear from a loved one lost she is happy to be your guide. Her life’s purpose is healing all & helping all learn how to ” See with your heart & Love with your soul” in Gypsy Tarot reading, Chromotherapy utilizing crystals as a healing process, balance Chakras, aura energy, Chinese Feng Shui, and education for cleaning and healing Herbs.


by Rona Rollins

Saturday June15, 2019 • 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Cost: Free

• Learn the tools for making crystal grids.
• Learn the crystal grid layout process.
• Learn the different intentions for your crystal grids.
• Learn the many kinds of crystal grids.
• Most importantly, let’s take out our crystals and gemstones and play with them! Let’s create art that we can enjoy! Let’s expand our uses for all the lovely crystals we have collected over the years and learn to extract more joy from them.


by Kelly Manuel, IICT

Saturday, June 22nd • 1:30pm – 2:45pm
Cost: $25.00


~All attendees receive full set of Chakra Crystals~

This is a multi-sensory experience that aligns and tunes each of the Chakras using

• Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
• Musical Frequencies/Notes
• Vocal Vibrations
• Meditation & Affirmations
• Crystals
• Chakra Light Bath