Sound is the breath of the creator! 

Mantra is a Sanskrit word which consists of the root man- to think. Also in manas- mind. The suffix tra- designing tools or instruments. A mantra can be used in the form of a thought or as a verbal instrument in order to produce something into ones mind. These formulas or sequences are methodically arranged and can influence the reciter or listener when chanted during meditation. 

“Om mani padme hum” 

Om is the mother tone, the very first sacred sound created in the universe. This cosmic sound is a mystical symbol or affirmation to something divine. When said out loud it celebrates the creative powers of the universe. Om is recommended as a tool for meditation. The middle part of this mantra 
“manipadme” is interpreted as “Jewel in the lotus” 
These six syllables represent the purification of the six realms of existence. 
OM: Generosity – Pride – Ego – White – Wisdom 
MA: Ethics – Jealousy – Lust for entertainment – Green – Compassion 
NI: Patience – Passion – Yellow – Body – Speech – Mind – Quality – Activity
PAD: Diligence – Ignorance – Prejudice – Blue – Equanimity 
ME: Renunciation – Greed – Possessiveness – Red – Bliss 
HUM: Wisdom – Aggression – Hatred – Black – Quality of compassion 
Vibration makes its connection with our bodies on a molecular level. It finds its way into our fields and energetic currents. Sound is a wave which synchronizes with the electromagnetic wave of a specific colors. These colors of the spectrum are a visual representations of a musical note or certain tone which corresponds to our chakra centers. Each of these tones individually vibrates to a certain frequency. Our chakras have a measurable pattern of electromagnetic activity and depending on our level of development they can be either be open or closed. When one of these chakras are out of alignment our entire body is not in harmony. We experience signs of disease during times when we are out of rhythm with the universe and in need of attuning our frequencies. These imbalances or blockages can be cleared with the help of sound, music, bells, chimes, gongs, chanting, vocal toning and crystal singing bowls. Crystal singing bowls are toned to match these chakra centers and are used as a tool for balancing our bodies. The cells of our bodies shift through movement called oscillation and depending upon the resonance of these waves, along with the speed and direction of the movement we are either aligned or out of balance. We can harmonize ourselves by learning how to use the universal language of sound and how it benefits our complete inner and outer harmony. The help of sound can produce changes in our autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. We are energetic beings and our atoms, cells, molecules, glands and organs absorb and emit their very own sounds. The frequency that we oscillate at is about 8 cycles per second and this cycle is what attunes us to the electromagnetic field of the earth. Our bodies are the conduits which allow for the flow of life force energy in order to correct harmonic patterns. This flow or chi can be our way of communicating with a higher power to allow our bodies to regenerate. With deep relaxation we can stimulate our immune system to reduce our stress and anxiety which results in lower blood pressure, and improved circulation. 
ROOT: Earth – Physical needs – To have – Red – C 
SACRAL: Water – Sexuality – Emotions – To Feel – Orange – D 
SOLAR PLEXUS – Fire Power Vitality – To Act – Yellow – E
HEART: Air – Love – To love – Green – F 
THROAT: Sound – Communication – To speak – Blue- G 
THIRD EYE: Light – Intuition – To see – Indigo – A 
CROWN: Thought – Understanding – To know – Violet – B