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Kristin Geeslin

Voyager Tarot Card Reader & Theta Healer

I have always been a person that empowered others in their own growth and understanding. As a little girl all my stuffed animals were lined up to receive some sort of important message. By the age of 8 I told people I wanted to be a psychic psychologist when I grew up, so I could help people even if they had problems from prior lifetimes. I even had a perimeter of rocks and stones set up in my window sills. Encouraged by my parents to pursue a typical career, I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology and another in Adult Education. I was recognized for excellence while caring for others for over 3 decades in human services and education positions. Ultimately, it didn’t seem to be the education or professional training that allowed me to guide bothe individuals and groups in ways that transformed or healed. 
All along it was the clairs… clair cognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. I found reading the Voyager Tarot presented a path to opening these psychic gifts. I bring these gifts to you in the form of organized practical guidance with compassion and understanding, intentionally cultivated as a practitioner of meditation and mindfulness. I receive messages in many forms to answer your questions or question your answers! Sometimes past loved ones or spirit guides will visit!
As you are the creator of your future! Coaching or Consultations with me whether it be an Intuitive Reading, Theta Healing or Worklife Balance session, it will empower you to Claim Your Higher Consciousness, Clarity, Creativity, Collaboration and Contribution in your own life and the lives of others.