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Marylou Houllis

Psychic, Medium, & Healer

MaryLou was gifted with psychic abilities and a sensitivity to energy as a child. This gift enables her to tap into her client’s energy field to bring them answers and clarity about challenges and questions they may be experiencing.  Many times, she connects with family member and friends who have passed over and desire to bring messages to their loved ones.   Profound healing can also be experienced during a reading as her clients understand the “whys” of their experiences. MaryLou encourages her clients to see their lives from a higher perspective filled with profound situations which are there for their growth and expansion.   She also interprets dreams & symbolic messages her clients may be experiencing.

MaryLou was the Founder & Director of New Beginning Oneness Center for 20 years where she inspired people as a Speaker and Teacher along with giving private psychic readings.  She hosted a TV program for 6 years in Florida & nationally.  She has an innate love and compassion for people which is experienced during her readings. MaryLou believes she has been given psychic gifts to empower people to live happier and more self-empowered lives.

Additionally, MaryLou is a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists  (NGH). She specializes in Past-Life & Between Life regression. She offers private and group session and is available for Past-Life Regression, workshops & speaking to groups about Past-Lives & Near-Death Experiences.
Hypnosis allows people to very quickly access their higher self or “the sub-conscious.” The Sub-Consciousness is our link to Source, the Akashic records, and all of the information encoded within our soul. When it is brought forward, there is no question it can’t answer. Hypnosis also allows people to discover and deal with the causes of fears, addictions, phobias, patterns in relationships, blocks and much, much more.  
MaryLou is very intuitive and has a deep connection to Spirit which serves her as she guides her clients through the amazing Spiritual Journey of their Past-Lives!