By appointment only!

Rev. Tina Tricoche

Automatic Writing & Quantum Healing with Intuitive Message

Tina is an author & writer who has the gift of claircognizance, clairsentience & clairempathy.  She serves as a Channel for higher consciousness & is gifted in the management of angels. She offers classes in the  expansion of Manifestation abilities, Quantum Intercept & intuitive development through Automatic Writing. Tina provides private Quantum Healing sessions with clients by appointment.
Tricoche Quantum Practice Information:
Quantum Healing (TQH) – providing clearance in the body energy field. Move or redistribute energy points where needed. Acknowledgement directed to the cells. Result Is feeling of uplift, heighted sense of clarity and wisdom.
Quantum Intercept (TQI)– TQH plus introduce signaling instructions into the field to alter molecular behavior systems. It is a deliberate creation healing technique. Result, a different manifestation. It is introducing subtle change to the present energy field’s active instructions.
Quantum Exchange (TQE) – It is TQH or TQI plus expansion and/or practice of quantum voice (non-verbal) communication capabilities (development of one-on-one telepathy and group consciousness).
Tricoche Quantum Practice is an experience. A spiritual experience or approach to physical, mind, emotional, spiritual, or sexual expansion and/or healing. You understand it best once you have had the experience and is tailored to the present need of the individual having the session. Bottom line, client will feel better and with enough practice can achieve positive life altering results.