How is Shim Shin-Do® Different from other systems?

The focus of Shim Shin-Do® is to compete with oneself Traditional Marital Arts emphasize competition in the form of sparring. Because Shim Shin-Do® is an art, not a sport, this type of training has been eliminated and replaced with drill exercises to develop natural reflexes. This enables students to lean to react properly in a realistic situation.

Other Martial Arts teach exercise, form, self-defense, and free sparring as independent aspects of training. For example, neither the blocks nor the self-defense moves practiced in traditional styles are used in free sparring. In Shim Shin-Do®, the combinations become the forms, the forms become the drills, and the drills become the full contact Finally, all the breakings are done in the same manner. Thus, students learn to integrate all the skills into reactions which are fluid body movements that protect the integrity of their physiology.


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