About Us

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We believe in teaching with love, not with anger.

Our classes are taught by certified instructors giving one-on-one individual attention, to retain student interest and technical integrity.

Shim Shin-Do® has been developed through biomechanics to protect the physiology and maximize muscle memory and potential power.

According to individual ability, our students can achieve Black Belt level within 1.5 to 2 years, rather than 3 to 4 years as with traditional styles.

Shim Shin Do® is not a competitive sport; it is a martial art. In our academies there are only winners, not losers, since there is so much to learn about oneself.

Shim Shin Do® has been specifically designed for realistic self defense while being an enjoyable activity for the individual or the entire family.


Children and Teen’s Programs (Anti-Bullying)

1. Kids – Ages 5 – 7

In this spirited class children learn social skills as well as self-defense. In a positive upbeat atmosphere, they learn to aim high and strive for their best as they progress through belt ranks. Cooperative teamwork and respectful attitudes are developed as they develop new skills and work toward goals.

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem in a Social Environment

Your child, any child, can be shy, hesitant or introverted. It’s often a natural part of growing. Martial art is the one activity that will develop your child into a whole person. The concentrated lessons in confidence building, self-control and concentration unlock your child’s potential and create a better balance of behaviors. Our professionally trained instructors combine physical activity, fun and important life lessons to assist your child to be neither too shy nor too aggressive; to know when to be hesitant and when to be decisive; and to transform introversion into focused thinking.

Your Child Will “Learn to Earn”

In today’s world of immediate gratification, it’s getting harder to teach children the value of working towards goals and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Our Kids Program focuses on reinforcing martial arts values such as trying your best and never giving up when things aren’t going your way. Our students take pride in their work and achieve their belts the old fashion way. They earn them!

Numerous psychological studies have been conducted that point out the observation that children who develop in unstructured or chaotic environments, continue to be unstructured and lack focus later in life. The developments of confidence, self-esteem and mental focus as well as mental toughness are skills that are best learned in the early developmental years.

Stop the Bullying

FACT: More than 5.7 million American children are estimated to be a bully, a target of a bully or both! Martial arts are the solution for bullies because it channels their aggressiveness and anger into a healthful physical activity, discipline and a positive attitude. Martial arts have the solution for bullied children because it replaces their insecurity and low self-esteem with confidence and a greater self-worth. Responsible parents encourage martial arts because it provides their children with the skills and attitude to stop bullying before it starts.

Stop Children going missing

The Department of Justice reports more than 2000 kids go missing every day younger than 18 years old. The Center to Prevent Lost Children™ (CLCP) is the leading authority in the collection and dissemination of critical information that prevents kids from getting lost.  This also includes non-for-profit information on minimizing the risk of your child getting abducted and provides information on programs for self-defense for kids as a means for self-protection.  Shim Shin-Do® self-defense is the solution for minimizing the risk for your child to go missing because it highlights the fact that self-protection is a kill that our children need, and we can parent in a way that supports the development of that skill at every developmental level. If we think our job is to keep our kids safe, then we feel anxious and paranoid and overprotective. But if we think of the job as teaching our children how to keep themselves safe, then we are actively committed to educating them about risks and options.

Not All Martial Arts Schools Are Created Equal

Everyone at the Dojang is treated as an individual and is taught with patience and respect. We are integral part of each community, not a franchise concept. This is our lives, as well as our livelihood!

2. YOUTH – Ages 7 to 14 years old

Classes are divided by belt rank into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. From the beginning, they are encouraged and praised in a positive way, and they quickly become self-motivated as they develop self-discipline, self-control, confidence, self-esteem, and responsibility. Respect is highly stressed and students quickly learn to respond with “Yes sir!” and “Yes ma’am!” Along with self-defense skills, young students learn Korean terminology, history, and the background of the style.

Students are required to keep their grades up in school and behave responsibly as well as respectfully in our class environment or home or school.  Advancement to move into the adult classes when, emotionally and behaviorally, the student has obtained the skills to be placed in a higher and advanced class environment. Pre-teen to teen age years is when this advancement is experienced by the student. The feeling of achievement of working towards one’s goals and earning this advancement is the ultimate satisfaction.

Prepared for Life

Shim Shin-Do® teaches the whole person – Spirit, Mind and Body. It is great physical exercise and self-defense training. He/she will develop determination and better concentration and discipline. Their spirit will grow stronger, improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Our curriculum is age-appropriate; our instructors are professionals; and our youth programs are great fun.

Independent studies show that today’s martial arts students get better grades, get in less trouble and are more motivated and disciplined than your average kids. Our school can make a positive difference in your child’s life, just ask any parent who has a child enrolled in our program – we teach so much more than self-defense. Call us today and watch your child stand out from the crowd.

Some of the benefits of a well-rounded martial arts program are:

  • They develop self-confidence and stay in control in stressful situations.
  • They’re more disciplined and self-motivated.
  • They’re coordinated and healthy.
  • They learn to follow directions and integrate thought and action.
  • They’re characterized by good grades and have become excellent students.
  • They’re well behaved; they stay in school and out of trouble.
  • They learn respect for others and social cooperation.

What Makes Martial Arts Different From School Sponsored Activities?

Many of the benefits of a martial arts program can be achieved by involvement in other school sponsored activities, such as football, baseball or soccer. The disadvantages are that these are seasonal activities and continuity is lost once the season ends. Also, there is a tendency to do what is best for the team and therefore the more developed players receive the attention and playing time. Martial arts stress individual development and improvement as well as team cooperation. We are all aware that during adolescence, individuals develop mentally and physically at widely varying rates and that the once awkward youth can suddenly develop into a “star player”. (Unfortunately, this is more the exception rather than the rule.) The continuity and continued involvement in a program that is ongoing all year round provides the stability of routine and allows focus on known objectives that the student can achieve and demonstrate to themselves and others. Students’ progress through the belt ranks and are able to mark their progress with each rank obtained. In addition, to being an alternative to a standard sports program, martial arts are an excellent off-season conditioning program. An individual will continue to develop physically and develop the skills to remain focused on objectives that are required to grow in any sport or art.

Adult Programs

3. Adult Classes – Age 15 and up

Classes are divided by belt rank into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.  These classes help adults achieve different personal goals.  Individual priorities might be lifesaving self defense skills, the Art itself, physical fitness, self-control, confidence or a variety of other personal goals. Age is not a barrier. We have black belts who began training in their mid-40s. Structured, disciplined classes are not abusive. Students progress at their own rate and are not put into training they are not ready for.  Respect is highly stressed along with learning the technique, terminology, and history background of our style.

4. Women’s Self Defense

FACT: One out of three women will be sexually assaulted. There is one rape every 90 seconds in America. This is a sad statement about the society we live in. Nonetheless, with the women’s self-defense training you will receive, you will have the confidence to walk where you want, when you want, while spending time with who you want.

How much information do you remember from a 1-day seminar where they try to teach you women’s self-defense lessons?; One kick to the groin or a couple of strikes?

This is not what you’ll experience at Martial Smart®. At our professionally run and operated academy, you will find so much more. The staff welcomes you to the facility and takes you through a free introductory lesson. You meet the instructors and discuss your goals and reasons for being there. And then you take your first women’s self-defense lesson.

Not only will you be put at ease, but also you will be educated along the way about why things are done in certain ways. You will understand what targets of vulnerability there are to strike. You will experience a setting that is full of like-minded individuals who also are taking an interest in protecting themselves. Through perfect practice you will see and understand what real women’s self-defense lessons are supposed to be.

Get the best self-defense lessons for women with martial arts guidance and principles.

5. Executive Self Defense


  • Private Lessons or group lessons at your office or corporate gym.
  • Learn how to avoid situations leading to possible assaults.
  • Learn protection techniques to be prepared for any situation.
  • Understand how to use your environment & surrounding for protection.
  • Execute self-defense techniques to stop ANY assailant should you have to!
  • Become empowered by applying Shim Shin-Do® tenets in both professional and personal situations.
  • Various Training Packages are available depending on your needs.
  • Fees based on the number of instruction hours and travel time per package. Coordination of training dates for clients in the same region will be attempted to assist in reducing travel expenses.
  • Initial On-Site Session for personal evaluation, training and assessment of your goals.
  • Private lessons based on your training goals and personal needs.

Self-Defense Techniques for Executives

Self Defense is not an option – it is a necessity. . .

Grand Master Barriga has spent over 46 years of his life dedicated to the teaching and applying protection principles for individuals, corporations and governments. It is natural that we offer Self-defense for Corporate executives. 

FACT: “When the economy is on the decline, law enforcement officers know that they can expect crime rates to rise all over the United States. As more people lose their jobs and homes, they start to feel a sense of desperation, and sometimes turning to criminal activities appears to be the only solution.” 

Whether your company has two or two hundred employees, we can offer Executive defense classes to them. If your security department needs training to provide proper protection, we can provide these techniques.

We offer the best protection training with Self Defense, taking the martial arts guidance into account.

How to Learn Self Defense to Protect Yourself

Self Defense is a Self-Protection skill that everyone should learn. You do not need to become a boxer or martial arts expert. You can learn a few basic techniques that may help in a time of need. These few tips will help you learn Self Defense to protect yourself.

Coming soon:  Concealed Weapons Classes and Certification!