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Wednesday – 12:00pm-5:00pm
Thursday – 12:00pm-7:30pm
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Shelley Percy

Angel Card Reader & Medium

Shelley is a medium and psychic who has a gift to tune into people to help with guidance from above. She channels angels, guides, as well as loved ones from the other side, who come with messages. Shelley uses a variety of tools to interpret those messages such as the tarot and angel cards, as well as tuning into past lives and doing pendulum work to get answers to your questions or clarity for your current situations. 
Shelley has had a passion and studied spiritual communication for many years with inspirations from her mentors and other psychics. Her natural abilities have been with her from childhood and has developed into this beautiful opening to share her many gifts and attunments from the higher energies and divine source. Shelley has joy that radiates from her being and her compassion to heal hearts and souls as you will see when you book a reading with her. 
When Shelley sees the light bulb go on above your head, that sparkle in your eye, or that smile on your face, it brings joy to her heart. She is unconditional love and her inner child is always with her. She is always glowing.